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What is PASS?

Mission Statement

Pilipinx Academic Student Services is an entirely student-run organization formed in 1985 to address the educational concerns of Pilipinx students in pursuit of higher education. PASS attempts to remedy the lack of representation among the University's student population with respect to the growing Pilipinx population of California. The organization focuses primarily on increasing the educational opportunities available to these students through the implementation of various informational resources, support, and referral services. We provide programs targeted specifically toward the recruitment of high school and community college students, as well as programs for the retention of the University's registered students. PASS endeavors to maintain its commitment to the surrounding communities and to the University through efforts to preserve educational interest.

PASS is composed of 3 components:


Getting underrepresented Pilipinx students into higher education.


Making sure those students are successful once they get there.


Handling all the essential organizational & financial support.

Our Programs

Upcoming Events

PASS x PASAE Research Intern Meeting


8:00 - 9:00pm

Biyuti Space: Spring Cleansing


7:00 - 9:00pm



11:30am - 4:30pm

PASS General Retreat

3/8/19 -


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Our Staff


Richard Pulvera

Executive Director

Kevin Bradley Paule

Recruitment Director

Alyssa Gonzaga

Retention Director

Angelica Santos

Internal Affairs Director


Diana-Lynn Garza

Operations Coordinator

Nikka S. Sandoval

External Relations Coordinator

Franco Achacoso

Public Relations Coordinator


Justin Dela Cruz

Gender & Sexuality Awareness Coordinator

Jenina Yutuc

Advocacy Coordinator

Jillian Kristen Perez

PASO Coordinator

Christian Guerrero

Transfer Retention Coordinator


Ryan Nuqui

Outreach Coordinator

Raquel Navarro Calara

SHADOW Coordinator

Erwil Bongolan

Youth Mentorship Coordinator

Lorraine Pacilan

Transfer Recruitment Coordinator

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm an undergraduate student at Cal. How can I get involved?

As an undergraduate student, you can get involved by signing up for our Internship Program for an in-depth shadowing experience underneath our staff. If you would like to be involved on a event-by-event basis, sign up to be a General Volunteer for the semester!

Our Internship Program starts at the beginning of every semester! Please email our Internal Affairs Director, Angelica Santos for more info.

I'm a high school student. How can I visit campus for a program or get PASS to come to my school?

We frequently have high school students visit our campus to learn about what it's like to attend college here at UC Berkeley and how to apply to college. Please email our SHADOW Coordinator, Raquel Navarro Calara for more info.

If you would like PASS to visit your high school and give a presentation college & the application process, please email our Outreach Coordinator, Ryan Nuqui for more info.

I'm a community college student looking to transfer to a 4-year institution. What can PASS do for me?

We have both on-campus and off-campus programs for students looking to transfer. Please email our Transfer Recruitment Coordinator, Lorraine Pacilan, or our Transfer Retention Coordinator, Christian Guerrero, for more info.

Contact Us


410 Martin Luther King Student Union
2495 Bancroft Way, Berkeley CA 94720